Saturday, August 5, 2017

Steps to Build a Shipping Container Home

Steps to Build a Shipping Container Home
Shipping container home becomes the latest trend. It is not only because of its uniqueness but also about its affordable price. Shipping container home seems to be a solution for those who want to have a new home. The question is what do you need to prepare to build a shipping container home? Let’s discuss about shipping container home plans here. Definitely, it is very important for those who have a plan to build a container home perfectly and comfortably.
Steps to Build a Shipping Container Home
Prepare the Perfect Shipping Container
Material is the most important thing before starting shipping container home plans. For that reason, it is a must for you to prepare the shipping containers. Just make sure that you have enough shipping containers just like the shipping container home plan you have. To limit the shipping container home cost, you may consider preparing used containers. Moreover, it has to be ideal for standard living area. In specific, you can consider 40 feet or 12.2 meter long container for home living.
Check the Weather before Starting the Project
When the materials and equipment are well prepared, you are ready to build a shipping container home. Before that, check the weather condition on that place. It is better to postpone the plan if it is bad weather. Let say, some areas tend to be attacked by hurricane or tornado and it is dangerous time to start the shipping container home plan. Off season is the best time to start your container home plan.
Start with the Shipping Container Home Structure First
Let say, you have the complete material and perfect weather. Of course, you are allowed to start the project. What you have to consider first is about the shipping container home structure. For example, you should place the container on its strongest position. For your information, vertical is the strongest position for shipping container home. On the other hand, the sides of the container are too weak if it is pressed by something heavy. Because of that, you need to use reinforcement especially for underground plans. Considering about the structure is also about checking the design based on the shipping container home plans you have made before. You have to decide the position of the doors, windows, and also the airtight.
Shipping Container Home Structure
Safe Way to Put the Shipping Container on the Ground
When it is ready, you may set the container on the ground for further improvement. It is also a little bit tricky to create the hole. Actually, you don’t nee to dig the hole too deep. What you need is one feet hole. You need to create some holes based on the weight of the container. Now, start to put concrete blocks on each of the hole. The function is to keep the container strong and durable. Before creating holes, just make sure about the condition of the soil.
Designing the Shipping Container Home
Just make sure that everything is steady and set enough. This is the fun part! It is time to design the shipping container home. You may start with the simplest one such as remodeling the top of the container. You can use it as perfect gazebo or deck especially to relax while summer. You can also continue the plan by installing doors and windows including separate the container in several different areas. You can put furniture anywhere you like just like what you have done on the shipping container home plans.
Shipping Container Home Interior
Considering about furniture for shipping container home is also important. Definitely, you don’t want to have a too crowded home because you put too much things there, right? Before placing furniture and additional accessories, you need to check the size of the container as well as the areas inside it. For medium shipping container home, you may create main areas first such as bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and storage pantry. Even, you can install a solar panel at the roof so you can get enough hot water and electricity in your beautiful and comfortable shipping container home. Don’t forget about shipping container home floor plans for your own comfortableness.
Professional Shipping Container Home Plans
If it is impossible for you to draw your own shipping container home plan, just let the expert helps you they will suggest you some cool and interesting shipping container home plans. What you have to do is explaining about the design you want such as the total of the bedroom, bathroom, and additional rooms. Then, let them draw the design so you get the clearer overview about your future shipping container home. The design commonly draws in specific scale. They will show it to you to get your approval or agreement. When you agree with the design, they will inform it to the constructor. The constructor and team will build your shipping container home and finish it as soon as possible.
How about if you need a new house right away? The best solution is finding second hand shipping container. The benefit of taking this idea is that you can get a home right away without designing at all at least you want to improve it later. The price is also affordable and it depends on the design you want to buy. The choice is yours! Just think the best first.
shipping container home plans
Hopefully, by reading this information you can start living in a shipping container home right away. While preparing or finding shipping container home plans suit to you for your reference, just start to prepare the money. The cost of this house is various but you may prepare around $24.000 up to $30.000 or more for a ready to use shipping container home. If it is necessary, you can watch some videos which explain about how they build a shipping container home and the experience of living there. Later, you can share your experience while built the shipping container home until the experience while living there day by day. So, if you think that it is impossible to get an affordable and comfortable home for you and your family, you are wrong. Now you know that there is a great solution. It looks simpler and faster than thinking about a big house. In fact, besides shipping container home plans, you can also find specific shipping container office plans.